Smart APPS for NON - Smartphones

By Sushovan Parida

Are You one of those Guys (like me) devoid of a
Smartphone? Do you find it hard to endure when your not so smart friend boasts about his Smartphone Apps? And do You feel a strange repulsion towards the Android, iOS, Windows phone as well as the Symbian maidens (Anna, Belle and God knows who else)? 

Whoa! too much of questions for You! Anyways if your answer for any of the above questions is Yes, then this is the post that will change your life (not really though!)

If you do not own a smartphone and if you still want to have some really good Apps, it can be possible if your phone supports J2ME (Java) and of course it must support mobile Internet (GPRS/EDGE/3G).
So all I'm going to do is to Introduce to you some great and free J2ME apps that will add new possibilities to your Non-Smartphone

1. UC Browser
One of my favorites, UC Browser is a small yet very powerful mobile browser. It has a superb download manager, along with a huge list of pre-saved Bookmarks which make browsing faster, it uses an unique compression method to optimize webpages for mobile screens, saves valuable browsing data (if you've a limited mobile data plan) and has lovely themes as interface.


If you love downloads and love tabbed browsing then UC Browser is just right for you. Download UCBrowser

2. Opera Mini
The world's most popular mobile browser, Opera Mini is the best alternative for your phone's poor in-built browser, superfast and reliable, it has bookmarks to top websites (facebook, twitter, youtube, google+) in the pre-designed Speed Dials. The older versions (version 3.2 and 4) have simpler interface and lacks tabbed browsing but still is a classic app, the new version (6 and 7) has a modern interface and theme with full tabbed browsing and download manager.

Go for this If you want all your top sites in one place. You can download both the older and new versions at Opera Mini.

3. Gmail for mobile (J2ME)

The official Gmail app for your mobile, quintessential for those who need to keep track of their Inbox on the Go. Lets You open multiple Gmail accounts in a single app. Though it does not support attachments, it still comes handy for quick response to e-mails and has almost all the features of the desktop Gmail.


It's hard to find this App on the web , seems Google is withdrawing its J2ME version.
But You can download this at Gmail for mobile at Softonic

4. Google Maps (J2ME)
The J2ME (Java) version of the very popular Google Maps, this app is my favourite for it's indispensable utility, finds and locates places for you, shows you the way to unknown places like a friend with exact routes and distance. What's more fascinating is the satellite view and traffic view support. This App is a must for your phone!


It uses minimal data for all these and loads maps quite easily and quickly. You can download by pointing your phone's browser to

5. ebuddy Messenger
The best (J2ME) mobile messenger in my opinion, ebuddy lets you chat on your Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, Windows live and other accounts at the same time, easy to use interface with support for emoticons makes this my preferred mobile messenger.


The new versions have now added support for Facebook updates also. Go to Getjar from your mobile browser and search for ebuddy to download it.

6. Facebook For Every Phone

This is one App you are bound to love, you must have heard about those multi featured Facebook Apps in Androids and iPhone, but this is no inferior to them. You can do almost everything on Facebook like check in, chat, pages, photos, events and more including the basic features. 

This Facebook for Every Phone was actually a part of the application called Snaptu before Facebook took over. Download Facebook For Every Phone

Well I feel like I missed something, never mind! You can remind me of it, if You want any other kind of Apps feel free to ask about it in the comments.

And I've been using all of the above Apps since many years, so if you encounter any bugs or problems while using these Apps then do mention about it in the comments, I'm sure I can help you out.

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    this app is specially for u sushobhan...

    TTPod music player (JAR)

    1: Built-In Lyrics download/play options
    2: Album Art download/update
    3: Might has support for Meta data edit for mp3 files
    4: Skin support and much more

    This is also there for smartphones (Android, Symbian)

    1. ur theme restricts to copy content or what..i am on chrome 22.xx and cant selct or copy anything..links are also not copying..where as in Firefox and others it is working.. :(

    2. There are a dozen more Apps like TTpod (I've used 2years ago)which i could have mentioned but it doesn't work on 50% of the J2ME phones. The above mentioned Apps work on 95% of the J2ME phones and these are the most popular ones. So I've included only these ones

    3. And yes I've added a small HTML code to stop copying :)

    4. ahh..ths means i hv ancient
      knwldge abt java mobile
      platform apps :(

    5. never mind! I'm sure you must be having enough idea about Android Apps (which I don't have)
      And TTpod had good support when it started but gradually it concentrated on the smartphones and neglected J2ME, similar case with Nimbuzz

  2. Nice blog Great Information.
    Post announcement of much awaited spectrum-sharing policy, Videocon Telecom plans to pool spectrum with other operators to provide 4G LTE services.



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